8th July 2014; The Journey Continues….

By Irving Newman

It has been many months since I sat down and put pen to paper. I had committed myself to write an entry at least once a month for the MEDF website blog but life here has gotten in the way. Tonight inspiration has taken hold and I want to write about what is happening at the Teaching Farm here in the village and how the political environment in the Country is impacting on us all.

Politics in Kenya is very divisive and not only at election time. So much opportunity is lost in political rhetoric at a time when the Country’s disadvantaged are in such need of help. Add to this ethnic and tribal divides and you have a hotbed of national instability and insecurity. This reality has not dampened our determination and resolve to reach out to those in need.

There have been many successes at MEDF over the past few months and also a few disappointments. The Teaching Farm is flourishing with many visitors daily and our horticulture and small animal program continues to grow. We have 3 new staff members who have given MEDF an opportunity to broaden our reach and continually grow the Foundation for which I am truly grateful.

The Government initiative with KEWOPA ground to a halt with such an ambitious beginning. I am not sure why this happened other than a lack of government initiative which saddens me when I know how beneficial the Teaching Farms would have been in many of the Counties suffering from severe poverty and youth unemployment.

There has been one Woman MP, The Honourable Rose Nyamunga from Kisumu County who has accepted the challenge and has offered MEDF her commitment to support the project and I thank her personally.We now have our own National Television show in partnership with GBS (Good News Broadcasting) aptly named “The Kenya Farm Report” which has allowed us to reach out to the Country in a way never originally envisioned. We will be uploading each episode to our website, under the heading MEDF TV so our followers can watch us each week.

We have also recently added 2 new programs at MEDF. One is an Outreach Program for families suffering the economic hardship of HIV Aids. We are working with these families through the District Health Clinic that provides medical treatment at no cost. MEDF provides additional support to the family and works at their home farm planting seedlings and providing skills training on how to create food security and some income generation.

The second program is focused on the village men who have lost their way and have turned to alcohol. We have formed a support group that will meet weekly and encourage them to learn new farming skills that will make them better farmers and move their lives forward away from alcohol abuse.

No matter where we live in the world we all look forward to a better future. Each morning when I awaken and look out over the valley where I live I see the beauty of the country. I am happy to be in this place at this time. I open the doors of the Teaching Farm and the hustle and bustle of a new day greet me and encourages me to move forward and to want more for these children; to offer them a brighter future. I am hopeful that the work of MEDF will improve the lives of the people we touch. It is a worthwhile task for which we are committed. We encourage you to join us and together I know we can make a difference one child and one day at a time. Thank you.

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