The Kenya I know

By Irving Newman

The Kenya I know is not the Kenya I was expecting. I knew that the country would be beautiful, but I did not know how beautiful. I also knew from photographs that the people were beautiful, but what I have discovered from my life in the village is that the true beauty of the Country is in the heart and soul of the people and their belief that life will be better for their families, their communities and their Country.

The human sadness from the Colonial period and as recently as 2007 with post- election violence is now behind us and as a Country Kenyans are looking forward with a newly elected President and Government that are committed to bettering the lives of its people. I am happy to be here, to witness this change and help support it. I invite you to join me in your support for Kenya and its people for a brighter future. What better way to know the Country and its people than through its photographs. I hope you will enjoy the Kenya that I know.

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