Blog Entry 1, June 8, 2013

By Irving Newman

Today I am nearing the end of the first stage of my life’s journey here in Kenya. It has been almost 6 months since I have arrived and on Monday night I will return to North America to promote the Foundation’s work before returning to the village in mid-August. It is a good time for reflection. The Teaching Farm has been built and is well underway; the vegetables and fruits areripening and the animals are growing and breeding. I am happy with the work that has been accomplished and thankful for the committed workers here in Mitahato who have helped me to make this project a reality.

MEDF has many projects in the works that I know will have a significant impact on the thiscommunity and beyond. The villagers seem engaged and happy with the new prospects for a sustainable livelihood. I tend to see the big picture and it all looks so positive to me. I will miss the early morning greetings I receive on my walks to the School and the pleasure I get from teaching the children and hearing them read their chosen English novels to me.

MEDF is on a sound footing to accomplish the goal we have setof a viable and sustainable livelihood for the families of this village and beyond. The Ministries, the Governing Officials and the Community are behind us. I know the quality of life in rural Kenya will improve and that change will slowly occur. The MEDF website will continually update the work that we are doing and the progress being made. Kenya is on a new path with a new President, the Devolution of the Government and the empowerment of its people.

I invite you to return to this website over and over again and be a part of the changes that we are witnessing here on the African Continent and where you can support the efforts of Community Groups that trying to make a difference. Until the next time, Asanti.

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