We Take Root and Grow

By Irving Newman

I am writing this entry from my home in Mexico awaiting my return to Kenya in January. The work at MEDF continues at full speed as we end 2014 and enter 2015. We have so much to be thankful for and so much anticipation for the coming year. The Kenya Farm Report, our television show on GBS TV will begin airing its second season early in the New Year and our National Project is closer to realization with the anticipated support of USAID. The Teaching Farm in Mitahato continues to draw visitors and the impact of our community work brings us all great satisfaction.

This week will see the first edition of our monthly online Magazine distributed by email to all our Friends and Partners around the world who support the philosophy and work of MEDF. The launching of our new Campaign in support of our HIV Family Initiative will begin on December 12th to raise $100,000 in 100 days. The 80 identified families in Githunguri District will benefit greatly from this program and we believe it will be a great success. You can all help by creating a mini campaign with friends and family to assist us to reach our goal. What better way to begin the festive season by reaching out to others in need and offering a helping hand.


MEDF staff During a Visit to one of the Families enrolled In the HIV Family Initiative project.

MEDF recently participated in a Roundtable discussion hosted by the Poverty Eradication Commission and attended by NGOs and International Donor Agencies. The work of MEDF was well received and our Skills Training Centres approach was recognized as a positive intervention in the fight against entrenched poverty and Youth unemployment. We will continue in our role as an advocate for change in Government policy to draw support to smallholder farmers and grassroots organizations.

My thanks goes out to the United Soccer of Alliston, Ontario Canada for their generous support of the Mitahato Youth Soccer Team. With the funding they will receive, they will be able to participate in area tournaments wearing new jerseys and shorts and with better coaching and training. We are also using soccer practices as a means of driving the Youth in the village away from idleness and into sport where they are positively influenced. The Team will also be a foundation for nurturing local talent in the community.

I wish you all the start of a great holiday season. May all your hopes and wishes for family and friends be realized and I hope a greater awareness of the true blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Count those blessings and if it is in your heart, share some of your good fortune with those less fortunate. You will change their lives and yours forever. Until next time

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