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Animal Husbandry

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Rabbit Breeding Rabbit Breeding

rabbitfarmingnewRabbits have both a nutritional value because of their low fat meat and an aesthetic value for the beautiful leather products produced from their pelts. The lean meat can be prepared as cutlets, sausage or in samosa. Learn more about rabbit breeding through this step by step guide. It will take you through breeding, feeding, structure management, pest/ disease control and other viable value addition opportunities

Poultry Farming Poultry Farming

chickenfarmingThe poultry business is an affordable enterprise which requires very minimal capital for start-ups. Opportunities are available for both indigenous, crossbreeds and exotic breeds. This manual is a step by step guide for managing a poultry unit. It takes you through poultry breeding, feeding structure management, pest/ disease.

Pig Breeding Pig Breeding

pigbreedingPig breeding also provides a lucrative agribusiness opportunity especially when farmers understand the market dynamics and proper feed supplementation. This manual presents a guideline for successful pig farming. It takes you through pig breeding, feeding, structure construction and management of pest/ diseases

Dairy Goat Production Dairy Goat Production

goatbreedingnewGoat rearing is an economical venture for smallholder farmers when compared to cows in terms of feeding cost, labour and space requirements. Goat milk is very nutritional for a healthy diet and for those people that are lactose intolerant. This manual is a step by step guide of managing a goat herd. It takes you through goat breeding, feeding, structure management, pest/ disease control and viable value addition opportunities

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MEDF Featured in Nation Business Daily

MEDF Featured in Nation Business Daily

I am very happy to share with you an article in Thursday 24th September 2015 Nation Business Daily highlighting the work of MEDF and our new partnership with Microsoft's "Skype... Read more

Promoting Drip Irrigation

Promoting Drip Irrigation

MEDF has installed a drip irrigation system at the Teaching Farm and will be training farmers on installation and management. By utilizing drip irrigation and mulching farmers are able to... Read more

Skills Training Centres

Skills Training Centres

MEDF National Project Skills Training CentresMEDF is expanding the Teaching Farm model to five counties i.e Kisumu, Kitui, Bungoma, Transnzoia and Busia. In partnership with ATCs and relevant stakeholders in... Read more

Opportunity for Bakery Business

Opportunity for Bakery Business

MEDF Teaching Farm is conducting a 3 weeks Bakery Training Course. The course is scheduled to start February 2nd 2015. We encourage individuals, youth and women groups to apply.The training... Read more

HIV Family Initiative

HIV Family Initiative

By the end of 2009, 1.5 million of Kenyans were infected with HIV/AIDS and 1.2 million Kenyans children were orphaned by HIV. 800,000 people lost their lives to the dreaded... Read more

Karega Self Help Group

Karega Self Help Group

Kenya has turned into a "drinking nation" despite the efforts of the government to control drinking by introducing Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2009 famously known as "Mututho law". We have... Read more

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