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Friends of MEDF

"With sustainable family livelihoods comes the ability for us to reach out to the less advantaged in our communities. When you have no food in your cupboard you cannot open your door and your heart to the poor around you and offer them help. By raising the quality of life for our families, the quality of life will also rise for the entire village. The Mitathato Education and Development Fund will also work as an Umbrella Organization to support local community groups do their good work; and there are many.

With the help of our people, our greatest resource and with the support of both Government and our Donors, we hope to accomplish a great deal here in the village of Mitahato, the District of Kiambu and the Country."

M.E.D.F supports the following groups

  1. Hosanna House for Children - Hosanna House for Children is a Not for Profit Organization based in Kiambu County founded to better the lives of Orphans and Wards of the State. Children are nurtured  from their early formative childhood years through to Secondary and Post Secondary education. .... Download Hosanna House For Children Profile>>

  2. The Flying Eagles - This is a group of mostly elderly women supporting needy children and those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They work to empower their members both socially and economically. Their most recent project is the setting up of a Bakery in the local Town of Githunguri... Download Flying Eagles Brochure>>

  3. Kimathi Disabled Self Help Group - The Kimathi Self Help Group for the Disabled was founded in 2011 and is registered with the Ministry of gender and Social Services to bring together the disabled people in Mitahato community to give them hope in life by empowering them socially and economically.

  4. Kimathi Economic Empowerment Project (K.E.E.P) - KEEP is a community based self-help group that registered with the Ministry of Gender and Social Services in 2010. The Group has 50 registered members of both genders . Its mission is to see that all people in Mitahato community cross over the poverty line and help  people support themselves economically and socially.

  5. Gititu Coffee Society - Coffee was once called "The Black Gold "of Kenya. The marketing of coffee through Brokers or " Middlemen" as they are known here, has totally minimized or eliminated any profit for the local farmers. Most farmers have no resources to properly manage their coffee plants, so coffee production for most farmers is very low.... Download Gititu Farmers Brochure>>

  6. Positive Thinkers Mental Health Group - The Positive Thinkers Mental Health Group, another community based organization offering counseling to individuals and families suffering the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.. Download Positive Thinkers Brochure>>

  7. Kamuri Farmers Self Help Group - The group was started in September 2003 . The activities of the group are dairy farming and goat breeding, horticulture, rabbit breeding, pig rearing, bee keeping and table banking. The group also provides care for the aged and victims of HIV Aids.

  8. Vision Rabbit Breeders Self Help Group - The is a newly formed rabbit breeding group. The group is only recruiting serious farmers committed to breeding high quality rabbits. New Vision RB also intends to have a certified rabbit slaughtering factory constructed at Waruhiu Agricultural Training Centre.

For more information about the MEDF Friends please contact us at

Mitahato Education and Development Fund
Postal Address: P.O. Box 87 -00901, Ngewa
Tel: +254 710 656452, +254 771 793376
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


News and Events

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MEDF Featured in Nation Business Daily

MEDF Featured in Nation Business Daily

I am very happy to share with you an article in Thursday 24th September 2015 Nation Business Daily highlighting the work of MEDF and our new partnership with Microsoft's "Skype... Read more

Promoting Drip Irrigation

Promoting Drip Irrigation

MEDF has installed a drip irrigation system at the Teaching Farm and will be training farmers on installation and management. By utilizing drip irrigation and mulching farmers are able to... Read more

Skills Training Centres

Skills Training Centres

MEDF National Project Skills Training CentresMEDF is expanding the Teaching Farm model to five counties i.e Kisumu, Kitui, Bungoma, Transnzoia and Busia. In partnership with ATCs and relevant stakeholders in... Read more

Opportunity for Bakery Business

Opportunity for Bakery Business

MEDF Teaching Farm is conducting a 3 weeks Bakery Training Course. The course is scheduled to start February 2nd 2015. We encourage individuals, youth and women groups to apply.The training... Read more

HIV Family Initiative

HIV Family Initiative

By the end of 2009, 1.5 million of Kenyans were infected with HIV/AIDS and 1.2 million Kenyans children were orphaned by HIV. 800,000 people lost their lives to the dreaded... Read more

Karega Self Help Group

Karega Self Help Group

Kenya has turned into a "drinking nation" despite the efforts of the government to control drinking by introducing Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2009 famously known as "Mututho law". We have... Read more

Our Partners

Mitahato Education and Development Fund , Postal Address: P.O. Box 87 -00901, Ngewa
Tel: +254 728 082887, +254 773 394223
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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